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iPhone GUI as Rich Symbols for Fireworks

Last week I was wasting my free time (just a few hours :) vectorizing iPhone GUI to make a Fireworks Library. As it has several combinations, buttons, backgrounds, etc, I wrote some lines of code (with a little help of my friends sofanaranja and mamuso) to improve the simple vector symbols into rich symbols, with some variables. kekoponte also help me beta-testing.

I don’t have enough time to waste now, so I decided to start a Google Code project spreading the word wondering if any of you are interested and want to help.

So, at your own risk, pick the code from and let’s improve the project from this beta state ;)

The project have been posted by Alan Musselman (from Adobe Fireworks) at the official Adobe Fireworks Team Blog. Thanks Alan! ;)

Download free weather icons

More than two years ago I designed some weather icons for an online newspaper project, but they finally decided to use a third party ones due to development problems customizing the plug-in. Now it’s time to release for free the files so you can download and use the icons everywhere you want.

If you love it you can download the EPS or PNG files but, please, remember where did you get them ;-)

Updated: Released under WTFPL license.


OSX Leopard folder style icons

No es nada del otro mundo, lo sé, pero trasteando a raíz de un post de Kevin Andersson no he podido evitar tunear un rato con su psd y ha salido esto que veis :)

osx leopard icons

Hecho está, e igualmente lo comparto con el resto de la humanidad para que siga modificando y realizando más variantes de iconos. Podéis descargar un zip con dos versiones (con el símbolo en blanco y transparente) en este enlace.

Lo cierto es que los iconos del nuevo Leopard son realmente bonitos y de tan simples dan mucho pie a realizar un set de iconos propio en un ratejo libre.