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Sense-driven Design

Riding a bicycle is more than just pedaling the cranks to make the bike roll forward and playing a piano is more than just pushing keys to make sound. The faster you pedal on a bike, the stronger the wind you feel on your face. The more finesse and skill you have when playing the piano, the more pleasant it will sound. The gap between the tool and the user is our sensory perception.

Aen on Sense-driven Design vs Technology-driven Design | AEN UI

The Real Thing


Look around feverishly for anything that: a) is interesting, or vaguely resembles what you are looking for b) and is clickable. — Steve Krug

Book Cover Archive

If you are into books, love design, typography, photography and all those kind of things, you must follow the RSS feed of Book Cover Archive.

I have been following its feed two or three months ago and, believe you me, it’s amazing to discover a lot of brand new old great covers appearing on your feed reader.

You can browse by author, by genre, by publisher … even by typeface or designer!
Check out one of my reiterate reading!